You’ve got your dream house and its going to be one of the biggest purchases in your life. So its important to protect yourself and your loved ones from the unexpected. Your home is full of the most precious and personal items you have so keep them protected with the right insurance policy.
You don’t pay a mortgage, but you do keep most of your prized possessions (including you) in the property you live. Renters insurance is there to protect the property you live in and help financial reimbursement of your possessions you may loose.
You don’t live in the home (or homes) that you own but you are still responsible for protecting them. Your also liable for your renters and their guests if they get injured on the property. Liability coverage is not an option for the great landlord we know you are.
You live in a condo and you have great shared amenities. You know what isn’t shared? Your personal property and the liability for something to happen to your unit. Be prepared with coverage for your unit and property with Condo Insurance.
You did a smart thing, you bought a dwelling that can be moved and you provided 4 walls and a roof around you and your loved ones. However, it comes with a little caveat here ~ mobile homes are less fire resistant than a regular house so your property insurance is KEY for mobile home owners.