You run your own business and sleepless nights come with the territory. Sometimes a loss means that your business has to cease operating while repairs are made, leading to a loss of income and temporary loss of positions. A Business Owners Policy (also known as a BOP) includes coverage for lost income until your business is back up and running. If you own a retail store, repair shop, restaurant or other commercial business, you want your business to be protected in the event of a loss. This is the policy we can work out for you.
You can’t watch everyone all the time. Even using the utmost caution still leads to unpreventable accidents. General Liability Coverage is to protect you, the business owner, in case someone gets hurt or injured while visiting your business premises. These claims include injury to yourself, employees, clients and property damages. General liability can cover costs related to these claims in case of a lawsuit.
Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O also known as professional liability) protects you from lawsuits made by clients or customers. These suits could be related to negligent or mistaken advice. Even if you do the best job possible, there is always a chance of an unsatisfied customer who will hold you responsible for advice and council that caused financial hardship. Don’t let a mistake turn into a financial issue for you. Errors and Omissions Insurance is there to safeguard you.
 Umbrella insurance is another type of liability insurance. In an instance in which you exceed your other policies maximum, umbrella insurance will cover you. Umbrella insurance is an extra layer of protection between your business and the uncertainty of the world. 
Running a business in New Mexico with 3 or more employees means you are required to carry Workers Comp. Workers comp covers wages that would have been made during the time that has to be taken off, as well as medical expenses. Cover your employees with workers comp to ensure stability in case of an accident.